Guide to Buying Jewelry for Kids

If you are reading this you are probably looking to buy kids jewelry as a gift for a special occasion.

Jewelry, is one of the most precious gifts a child will receive. They will wear it and cherish it for as long as they can.  It would not be uncommon for a grandmother to re-gift to her grandchild the jewelry she received as a child.

When purchasing children’s jewelry you want to be sure the size will fit and the design is age appropriate. Ideally, you should look for jewelry that is adjustable so that they don’t grow out of it too quickly.

In general, you should use a kids jewelry size guide to find out the correct measurements needed for the age of the child. If you are shopping online look on the product page listing for more details regarding size and see if they suggest an appropriate age. You may also want to contact the seller and see if they can offer more information and direct you with your purchase.

Kids jewelry brands and stores that specialize in the children’s jewelry niche market will surely be able to guide you and allow you to make the best choice when choosing jewelry for kids.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind.


When buying bracelets for kids, look for bracelets that come with extra or additional jump rings along the chain to accommodate size as the child grows.

Necklace & Pendant

Necklaces and pendants for kids are a great choice, however you want to make sure it has additional jump rings along the chain to accommodate size as the child grows. You also may want to keep in mind the size of the charm(s). Website images can be tricky to understand the actual size. You want to be sure the charm is not too small or too large. 


Kids adjustable size rings are a great choice. A ring must be right for the child and fit correctly. If the ring is too loose it can fall off her finger, and if it’s too tight she won’t be able to get it on. There are a number of different styles that make the rings adjustable. If the ring you are looking to get for a child is not adjustable, you should try and find out the child’s ring size. Most non-adjustable rings are made to allow for minimal size adjustment and can be done by a skilled jeweler.


Have you ever wondered at what age kids start wearing earrings? Kids as young as newborns gave their ears pierced and wear earrings regularly. I wouldn’t suggest anything but small stud earrings for newborns and they are an excellent choice. For toddlers and kids 1 or 2  years and older the number 1 choice is hoop earrings or leverback earrings. You want to be sure that the closure for the earrings is secure so that the earring will stay on the child.


 Gifting jewelry to a child is something very special and of great significance. Professional packaging and presentation make all the difference. When a child receives jewelry that comes in a pretty jewelry box, they can better appreciate the value and importance of the present.



Especially when buying kid’s jewelry, it is of utmost importance to understand the quality in the jewelry you are gifting. Jewelry made of fine metals such as Sterling Silver or Gold are by far the most favorable choice for children. Secure clasps and closures is also something to note. Many people look to buy jewelry made in Italy for children. It is widely accepted that jewelry made in Italy has an inherent level of quality in design and production.


How to choose jewelry when gifting to a child

If you are a mom or dad buying jewelry for your child then you probably have a pretty good idea what she can wear and appreciate. However, often times a grandma or aunt may want to purchase jewelry for their granddaughter or niece and they are unsure what would be most appropriate for the little girl. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself.  

Is this for a special occasion? If there is a theme to the occasion you may want to look for jewelry with a motif that goes along with the theme.

Will she wear this jewelry on a special occasion? Think about what type of clothing she will be wearing on that day and try to find something that will compliment her outfit.

How often will the child wear the jewelry? If you are buying jewelry to be worn only on particular occasions I suggest you focus on purchasing gold jewelry. Many people choose to buy gold jewelry for children even for everyday wear. Knowing that children can be quite active you should keep in mind to look for jewelry that is durable. Sterling silver jewelry is also a great choice for kid’s jewelry and is usually reasonably priced.   

Have you thought about what color she likes best? Does she like hearts? Or maybe she likes butterflies? Favorite colors and motifs are definitely things you should have in mind when choosing children’s jewelry and making a decision of what to buy for a gift.

I probably don’t have to mention this… if the girl doesn’t have her ears pierced I suggest you look for something other than earrings. Another option is to send the earrings along with a gift certificate for free ear-piercing at a local facility near the recipient’s home. You may want to check with mom and get her ok on this first.


Finally, best to find out from the seller if they will honor exchanges or returns. For whatever reason, the recipient may want to exchange the gift for something else and it’s nice to accommodate that when gifting.

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