Care Guide for Precious Metals


Jewelry made with fine metals is delicate and it’s essential to treat it with special care.


Gold ID Bracelets

These chains are delicate. They're not meant to withstand harsh wear and conditions.

In our Children’s Jewelry collection, we specifically design our chains to meet child safety standards to avoid strangulation which require it to break under a certain threshold of tension.



Although we try our best during the engraving and post-engraving cleaning, it is normal for some tiny particles from the laser engraving process to stick onto the engraved surface and for water stains to occur. These can be removed by using a cloth and gently wiping the surface.



It is natural for some metals to tarnish due to exposure to moisture and air. Tarnish can be easily removed by using a cloth and gently wiping the surface.

To avoid tarnish, store in a place where it does not come in contact with air. We suggest storing your jewelry in a small resealable plastic bag and removing the excess air before sealing. You may also use anti-tarnish paper strips or store in a jewelry box or pouch treated with anti-tarnish solution compound.


Plated Jewelry

Our Sterling Silver jewelry is plated with Gold or Rhodium and requires special care. Over time, it is normal for the plating to wear down or fade from ordinary everyday wear. To extend the lifetime of your jewelry it is advisable to remove before bathing, swimming, or exercise.



The process of enamelling jewelry has been practiced for centuries. The enamel used on our jewelry is essentially a paint which is individually hand-painted on each piece. Therefore, it is expected for the paint not to be exact or perfect.

Particular care is needed to protect enamel from damage. Avoid extreme heat and don’t clean with ultrasonic cleaner. Use a gentle cloth when cleaning. Abrasive polishing cloths or harsh cleaning solutions can have a negative effect on the enamel. 


TIP: Avoid cleaning your jewelry over the sink. This will prevent your jewelry from accidentally going down the drain.


To preserve the original shine and luster of your jewelry, it’s recommended to avoid contact with soaps, shampoos, lotions, hairspray, perfumes, chlorine and perspiration.


Need further assistance? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at and one of our jewelry experts will be happy to assist.

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