IT'S ALL IN THE NAME - The unicorn represents love, innocence, and positivity. It is from the world of dreams and fantasy. Its magic, mysticism, and wonder symbolize infinite possibilities for opportunity and success. We suggest that the single horn illustrates oneness and how seemingly opposite forces are complementary to each other which is the true meaning of peace and harmony.

Our brand stands for Love, Positivity and Peace and it is for this reason we chose the unicorn for our name.

Oh! And the letter J stands for Jewelry, of course (-:



In order to be classified as fine jewelry, the minimum standard in North America for gold is 10 karats.

Our 14k jewelry is stamped 585 - the European (Italian) standard hallmark for 14k jewelry. The 585 stamp confirms that the gold content is indeed 58.5%. (The North American equivalent would be 14k)

[14k = 58.5% GOLD]

[24k = 100% GOLD]

 For Jewelry to be classified as fine, it must be made of either Gold, Sterling Silver or Platinum.

Our Sterling Silver Jewelry and gift items are stamped 925 - the standard hallmark for



The 925 stamp confirms that the silver content is indeed 92.5% which is the minimum accepted standard for Sterling Silver.

[925 = 92.5% SILVER]



We know quality is a blanket term so we’ll try our best to explain more in detail.  

14K Gold – Not all gold is created equal -  As you may already know, pure gold is alloyed with a mixture of metals like silver, copper and zinc to give it strength and durability for everyday wear. An expertly measured mixture of selected metals makes the difference in quality fineness of gold and will differ from one jewelry manufacturer to another. We use a perfect blend of only the finest alloys that are allergy free and safe for sensitive skin.

The FINE Details - We recognize that every element is important to you and for that reason we pay attention to fine details such as clasps on bracelets and closures for earrings. We understand they must be fully functional and 100% secure. 

Our Production Process - Our talented Italian jewelers combine traditional manufacturing techniques with cutting edge state of the art machinery and advanced technology to achieve the highest standards in craftsmanship

Quality control - We maintain a high standard in quality control and every piece gets individually inspected before it passes from our hands to yours.

Made in Italy -  All our jewelry is made in Italy. It is well known and widely accepted that jewelry made in Italy has an inherent level of quality in design and production. The combination of artistry and craftsmanship is unparalleled.


Now you know why we are so passionate when we say QUALITY?



Besides for being more economical, our cubic zirconia has an edge over real diamonds. Each CZ is cut with precision to be uniform in size, color and grade creating an exact match. This allows for us to reproduce the same piece with identical degree of accuracy and professionalism. As well, being that CZ’s are man-made and guaranteed to be from conflict-free sources, they are considered a favorable choice.



Every gift creates a memory. All our jewelry comes in beautifully designed and crafted unicornj gift boxes ready to present and make your gifting experience a special one.



Being in the children’s jewelry niche retail market for the past few years has helped us develop a clear understanding of what is important to parents and children when purchasing children’s jewelry.

We take note to design our jewelry to the correct proportion and size for each age group. Our designs also accommodate adjustable sizing so that the jewelry can be worn as the child grows.


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