Posted on by Alex Swan

The main difference between Italian Jewelry and other manufacturing countries is the detailed handiwork of Italian Jewelers, and their ability to construct a finished product with superior strength and longevity. If we break it down by style, it can be easier to understand the differences.

  • Earrings - Italian manufacturers put additional gold or silver solder to fuse the back of the earring to the post. Even if the post is bent slightly out of place, chances are that with Italian manufacturing, it will not break off. 
  • Bracelets - There are many style chains, and when properly manufactured, they allow for more rigorous wear, and can be pulled tighter without popping open a link. 
  • Necklaces / Pendants - Similar to bracelets, Italian production will increase the amount of weight your chain can hold. As well all know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and Italian jewelers are the best at making sure each link is properly soldered and fused together to avoid breaking.